1) Shortly after moving into my new property, the combination built-in-microwave/range stopped working. It was a fairly new unit and had been in good condition. I was slightly frantic as it looked as though it was a pricey unit- an additional expense I just did not need after purchasing a new property. Fortunately, Home Warranty Coverage was included in the purchase of my property and I contacted the warranty company. In no time a service technician was at my house. Unfortunately the unit could not be repaired and needed to be replaced, so the Home Warranty Company provided a replacement unitat NO COST to me. Needless to say I was thrilled. I would definitely recommend that all buyers of resale properties make sure they have a Home Warranty.  ~ J.H ~

 2) We had owned our home for just under a year and had no problems. Then within a month the Air Conditioning System was not working and the main floor toilet kept backing-up – what luck! I was in a rush to resolve these problems as my husband was returning from Afghanistan in just a few weeks. With everything going on with the kids and preparations for my husband’s arrival, I just did not have the time to deal with these problems. Thankfully the Home Warranty Company took care of everything. They assigned service technicians to deal with my problems and everything was resolved in the nick of time. ~ S.B. ~

 3) My husband and I finally settled on a resale property which we both liked and could afford. It was an older property so we had a home inspection to make sure everything was operational and there would be no hidden costs associated with future repairs. Despite this, four months after we moved in we experienced a substantial leak in the roof which caused damage to the interior. My initial reaction was to call our Home Owner’s Insurance Company. When all was said and done they covered the cost of repair for most of the secondary interior damage within our home, but not the roof repair cost. I later called the Home Warranty Company to see if they could do anything for me. Apparently I had roof repair coverage and they paid for the entire cost of repair for the roof. The Home Warranty Coverage proved to be incredibly complimentary to Home Owner’s Insurance, in that they covered what our Home Owner’s Insurance did not. ~ C.H.~

***This is not paid advertising or a guarantee of any kind. ***